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To be perfectly honest, I usually am not a fan of the majority of what is labelled as artistic nude. The female form is the subject of much of my photography, but much of the nude work i see gives me the impression of substituting nudity for actual art and composition. This image strikes me as an exception. The symmetry of the form, and definition of the body is beautiful. And the emotional feel from the subject is pure and artistic. Im quite fond of it. Technically, i find myself wishing that you had been a few more feet away from the background, and an aperture setting around 2.5 had been used to have just your body be in focus, and everything else, falling away out of focus. Other than that, at least for me, the image is really beautiful.
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melannc Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Professional Artist
Thank you for the detailed critique, your perspective is much appreciated. :)

You should have a look at my "favorites" gallery- If you like this image, I think you may find several more art nudes you can appreciate.

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