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In 1991, artist Damien Hirst preserved an entire tiger shark in a giant tank of formaldehyde. Responses varied. Some saw genius, some saw the waste of a perfectly good shark. None of the responses were neutral. In the end, hedgefund manager Stephen Cohen purchased the piece called “The impossibility of death in the mind of someone living” for an estimated 12 million.

                                                   "The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of the Living" by Damien Hirst -- Image from Wikipedia  

  "The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of the Living" by Damien Hirst -- Image from Wikipedia


7 years later, a friend of Hirst, artist Tracey Emin created an installation piece simply titled “My Bed”. The piece consisted of her unmade bed. It was a snap shot of an absolute low point in her life. Rather than let that moment destroy her, she took that moment, exactly as it was, and put it on display for all to see. She broke through the ordinary with extreme vulnerability, and eventually was paid 150,000 for the piece by a collector.

                         "My Bed" by Tracey Emin -- Image from Wikipedia

 "My Bed" by Tracey Emin -- Image from Wikipedia


When I hear people talk about these kinds of examples, the discussion usually revolves around whether or not they like the art. What I think is even more interesting is how many people take the time to discuss it. Im interested in the perceived value of what breaks the ordinary. Would people be discussing the art at all if it was not far enough away from normal to provoke thought? Would a still life painting of a loaf of bread provoke that kind of discussion? 

Seth Godin coined the term Purple Cow after a long drive with his family, to represent something that breaks ordinary. His children had been fighting in the back of the car for much of the drive. Suddenly they were silent. He looked in the review mirror, and saw them both staring out the window at a passing cow. They then immediately went back to fighting.  It left him wondering what would have happened if the cow had been purple. Would the kids have completely forgotten about fighting? Would they have pulled over, and all talked about how odd it was to see a purple cow? Would they all have told their friends upon returning home? 

One of the common struggles I hear from the artists I talk to is the continual pull to conform. There is a persistent fear, particularly early on, that if you don't do what others are doing, you will not be "discovered". Ironically, nothing could be further from the truth. Full time artists, writers, photographers, actors, all suffer from this. The Sirens of Conformity call from the shores of the ordinary trying to shipwreck many.

The Siren, Edward Armitage, 1888 --wikipedia

The Siren, Edward Armintag, 1888 --wikipedia

Ironically, of the people I have spoken to, its the people who hear the Sirens of the Ordinary calling them to shipwreck most frequently that also seem to have the strongest original voice inside them. Im not sure why this is. The greatest potential frequently suffers from the greatest resistance.

To be honest though, at this point in my life, I am less and less interested in why this happens, and more and more interested in breaking the ordinary in my own life, and helping people break out of it for good...

I can't explain how strongly this idea is resonating in my heart right now. It is causing me to rethink almost everything. I feel like my life needs an inversion away from a decreasing circle, and into an expanding expression that breaks the ordinary. 

Ill be thinking about this a lot over the next season, and charting what I find....

The rising hunger for authenticity.

Sun Nov 16, 2014, 2:51 AM

When you look around lately, what do you see?

Are you enjoying pop up ads?
Do you like reading about what happened to Kim Kardashian?
Do you think website marketing is awesome?

Do you enjoy feeling like you dont have quite enough in your life to know you are awesome? 
Do you think if you could just change some things about yourself people would see how awesome you are, and things would just work?
Are we all feeling a growing sense of dis-satisfaction with political promises, marketing promises, celebrity promises...empty promises? 

I think that we are tired of being sold promises of better lives from people whose lives aren't working. 

The media is not interested in giving you a better, more fulfilling life.

 But if everyone knows it, why arent more people saying it?

I want to hear from people who's lives are working. They might be a celebrity, they might not. They may be a politician, they may not.
What they do, is not the point. Its how they do it.
What do they value? Who do they value?

I think I would rather hear from the gas station manager who has raised 4 successful children, has no debt, builds sculptures and teaches kids art in his spare time....the guy who has loved his family consistently every day for 40 years. That guy is a fucking hero.
That guy is what keeps the world going. I want to hear about him more than Miley. 

We seem to have the idea that people whose lives actually work aren't glamorous. 
We want to follow people on twitter who have no idea how to be happy. 
Why is that? Do their train wrecks make us feel like we are ok by comparison?

I photograph alot of people who are, or want to be models. I do this because I actually love the art of fashion photography. I think its innovative, interesting, and fun. But I am starting to have a deep desire to say more. Just taking photos of pretty girls is not what I am after. I want to be saying something. Giving hope. What I dont tell most people is that the reason I dont shoot as much as some photographers do is that I actually look for models who have lives that are accomplishing something deeper than just looking pretty. I turn down opportunities to shoot because I am looking for people who have lives that say something deeper. Whose beauty goes deeper. Believe me, this is not the most profitable approach. But its importance seems to be growing for me.

Im thinking alot about authenticity, and Im not sure what the change will look like, but i feel one coming. In how I shoot, and how I live.

I think that we are approaching critical mass.
I think that all the indicators are pointing toward a cultural change.
Not for everyone. But for some.
I think that many people are tired of being told how to look, how to think, and how to be by people who dont know these things themselves.
I think that many people are already looking for what is authentic, and working.

I think that very soon many of you might be too...


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