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Lucidity by aarontyree
I must admit, I love simplicity.
Less clutter brings lucidity. You can see what matters when you get rid of what does not.

Jenna W from Seattle Models Guild.
UN-complicate by aarontyree
Things in life are more fulfilling when they are simplified.
Hope colored by aarontyree
Hope colored
Beautiful Brittany Keegan from SMG.
Ive been experimenting with script level actions in Photoshop. Im building actions that use print film color profiles to tone images is very simple and consistent ways. Im trying to simplify everything I've learned over the last several years, and build what I wish I could have found when I started. After more testing, Im going to release a simplified editing system. Its a time consuming project, but Im having fun.
Truth by aarontyree
This was the first time Galina had ever been in front of a camera.
What I found out, is that much of her life was spent hearing voices that told her she was not beautiful, and not enough.
The fire in her eyes, and the confidence in her character are won from a long hard road, and are tempered with kindness.
Her tattoo is fitting...

Find her here:
Why so serious? by aarontyree
Why so serious?
Being serious all the time is just no fun at all.
Beautiful and funny Galina McCune.

The rising hunger for authenticity.

Sun Nov 16, 2014, 2:51 AM

When you look around lately, what do you see?

Are you enjoying pop up ads?
Do you like reading about what happened to Kim Kardashian?
Do you think website marketing is awesome?

Do you enjoy feeling like you dont have quite enough in your life to know you are awesome? 
Do you think if you could just change some things about yourself people would see how awesome you are, and things would just work?
Are we all feeling a growing sense of dis-satisfaction with political promises, marketing promises, celebrity promises...empty promises? 

I think that we are tired of being sold promises of better lives from people whose lives aren't working. 

The media is not interested in giving you a better, more fulfilling life.

 But if everyone knows it, why arent more people saying it?

I want to hear from people who's lives are working. They might be a celebrity, they might not. They may be a politician, they may not.
What they do, is not the point. Its how they do it.
What do they value? Who do they value?

I think I would rather hear from the gas station manager who has raised 4 successful children, has no debt, builds sculptures and teaches kids art in his spare time....the guy who has loved his family consistently every day for 40 years. That guy is a fucking hero.
That guy is what keeps the world going. I want to hear about him more than Miley. 

We seem to have the idea that people whose lives actually work aren't glamorous. 
We want to follow people on twitter who have no idea how to be happy. 
Why is that? Do their train wrecks make us feel like we are ok by comparison?

I photograph alot of people who are, or want to be models. I do this because I actually love the art of fashion photography. I think its innovative, interesting, and fun. But I am starting to have a deep desire to say more. Just taking photos of pretty girls is not what I am after. I want to be saying something. Giving hope. What I dont tell most people is that the reason I dont shoot as much as some photographers do is that I actually look for models who have lives that are accomplishing something deeper than just looking pretty. I turn down opportunities to shoot because I am looking for people who have lives that say something deeper. Whose beauty goes deeper. Believe me, this is not the most profitable approach. But its importance seems to be growing for me.

Im thinking alot about authenticity, and Im not sure what the change will look like, but i feel one coming. In how I shoot, and how I live.

I think that we are approaching critical mass.
I think that all the indicators are pointing toward a cultural change.
Not for everyone. But for some.
I think that many people are tired of being told how to look, how to think, and how to be by people who dont know these things themselves.
I think that many people are already looking for what is authentic, and working.

I think that very soon many of you might be too...

The Best Photography Website CMS Ever

Mon Apr 7, 2014, 10:12 PM

I stumbled across something fairly miraculous this last week. 
Its a Website content management system created for photographers, film makers, and creative types.
A content management system may not be many peoples idea of something miraculous, but having run the full gamut of CMSs and finally settling on building my own website using Twitter Bootstrap, I had pretty much written off finding something that fit into my over opinionated use case. 

After hearing someone mention Koken, it took me all of 2 minutes after watching the demo video to download it and install it on my server. 

Its a very young project having just come out of beta, but It is one of the best designed UI's I think ive seen. It feels more like a desktop application for organizing images. The feature set is amazing. 

There is an indepth review of Koken on the Art of Photography youtube channel...

If you are looking for something other than squarespace, you should take a second to check it out...


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